If you´d like useable copies of any of the pictures or technical drawings, here is the best way I know how.


I have no objections to anyone downloading pictures, technical drawings or texts from this Website as long as they are for your own personal use. I only ask  that  you  do  not  change  them  in  any  way or spread  them  around   ( especially through the internet ) .  Thanks for your understanding. Dave

Step 1:  Go to the Slide Show in " The Making Of ", and after selecting the picture or sketch you´d like to have, click on the Enlargement Button as pictured below.

Step 2: Now the image is as big as your screen.

Step 3: Make sure your printer is offline and press the Print Screen Button on your keyboard. The Picture is now saved in a temporary buffer.

Step4:  Now open up your favorite image editing program ( here Windows Paint ) and use the Paste Function to extract the image from the Buffer.

Step 5:  Now the image is in your editing program and you can Save it onto your Hard Drive in Bitmap, JPEG or the format of your choice. From there you can make useable prints for your own personal use.